Thursday, August 10, 2006

some performance works

A Still performance ( Take It Or I Beat! )
photo by : Agus Bebeng, Gasibu SundayMorning VII 2005 venue : Gasibu public space. Bandung

A Trial Performance (Culture Dillema)
photo by: Posmo, Surabaya Art Festival 2005. Surabaya

Bucket Flowers
Photo by: Agus Bebeng in Bandung Performance Internatioanal festival 2004.Bandung

A Trial Performance (Fake Beauty)
photo by :Heru hikayat, Art Festival UNPAR 2003. Bandung

CLEANING UP! (Lubaran)
photo by: thresure hill staff. Lebaran Event 2002. Taipei. TW

we need to clean body and soul, neighbourhood and environment, even its only once a day,once month, once a year, once for a life.
We live with the environment not in the environment

Ikebana In Tokyo ( Fake Beauty )
photo by Ji Sheng Li 2002, Nippon Performance Art Festival [NIPAF `02], Japan

I`ve shame when I saw Indonesia was on the ad of third listed of `poor` country in Japan TV.
my opinion is, the Indonesian government `sale` in the name of `crisis` to get support from everywhere, and never goes to people.

I feel shame,
My Indonesia land could be Riches country in the world, with everythings we have, land, oil, earth, sand, stone, food, gold, silver, wood, herb, and people ... all is talking about money and we should have enough.
because we are too corrupt, we always feel hungry, we are too love to eat everythings as much as we get. and we dont care !

the undertsanding of beauty has many option, art is beauty and beauty always good looking and charming , is it?

Untitled (colaboration work with Mr.Suprapto Suryodarmo, Tisna Sanjaya and Bandung Artist)
Photo by Daming Agus. Rumah Nusantara 2002. Bandung

PRIMARY BLACK ( Primary Color Performance)
photo by: Daming Agus. Bafnav 2002. venue: Bandung city

The X Generation
photo by: Daming Agus. Indonesia - Japan Exchange 2001. Barrack Gallery. Bandung

Are we the next or the X generation ?

photoby Hilton staff. the exhibition 2000. venue: Hilton international hotel Jakarta

what is the money ?
there`s sentence, we use head as feet for money, and we use feet as head. to get money everythings is allow, and we collect money from everywhere and human controlled by money . when we are die, will we take the money with us?

Today life [ three days solo performance]
photo by: Daming Agus.Untitled (Three Days Solo Performance) 2000. venue: barrack Gallery. Bandung

Now our condition like this [?]

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