Wednesday, July 25, 2007

what is Crisis for me?

I heard aboutIndonesia in crisis, or someone in crisis, so what crisis is?
Crisis is a momentum in painful, in suffering, everythings unsure, unstabil life and living, more feel gasping, dieying and so on,

it is happen because of relatioships, bad relation of communicating, of politcal issue,goes to economical problem, effected to social problem who will develop to the culture issues. talking about relationship is connection, i use ropes as a symbol of relation, and we (are human) like to talk about something not good side of other human, right?.as a symbol of this coception, so the ropes should be strength, and its happened naturally, because interacted with people about playing with ropes, everybody know what is rope for?, and how to play with rope?.

so crisis for me is, a momentum happened because of relationship, if we don`t know each other, it will not ever happen,
because of someone, of individual , a person.
the idea was grew , I would like to know about what kind person I am, what kind individu you are, what kind person they are.

A trial Performance, to know about level sensibiltiy of human senses.

A trial in the way pepople interacted with body, using ropes and using feeling to see what going on. In some point to see on the way people puting rope on my body is showing them about education level of they are, or could be the meaning of psycological issue of them or society,
its always interesting, event I still more like the result for my self because its more personal trial kind things. and I didn`t put this as deep research for this part.
but from what get, every region in difference level of people and society has been difference style how to interacted, especially in differences coutries.
talking about human, talking about personal things of him self, no defference as human being, even colour, only education and society who can make level because rule of life and living also.