Friday, August 18, 2006

Three Days Solo Performance [UNTITLED] 2000

performance partner Mahesa Jiway [4,5 years old] for the first time.

1st Day
The Past Let It Go, Photo by Daming Agus. Barrack Gallery 2000.

A cleaning ritual , to let the history pass, and to take it off what we wear today, and lets make it clean, and lets Young generation organize their life without us, if we could.
but history always connected each other, we are here now because someone who live before us, also next generation because of us.

2nd Days

Today [cutting beard], photo by Agus Daming. barrack gallery 2000

Realizing what happen today is related to the past, can we enjoying what we have today?
Today we are in suffering, too many bad things happened related to everywhere, Now we dying.
sundanese said, di co`o gado play with somebody`s chin, mean a challenge to deffence the family pride. but now, we are too weak, and lets everythings happen, they even cut our beard, we can`t do anything, we are too weak for fighting even to say what we need to stand on our feet, we can`t

3rd Days
The Future photo by Agus Daming, Barrack gallery 2000.

Future is a dream, being real we have to find the way out to catch the dream. so lets the generation go to front line and our duty is open the way for them to get the future will be better.


Money Influence [Economic dilemma]

JAIPONGAN [culture dillema]

Jaipong is a beautiful movement using all particural body to move, so lets dance together!

JAIPONGAN [culture dillema]

Thursday, August 10, 2006

some performance works

A Still performance ( Take It Or I Beat! )
photo by : Agus Bebeng, Gasibu SundayMorning VII 2005 venue : Gasibu public space. Bandung

A Trial Performance (Culture Dillema)
photo by: Posmo, Surabaya Art Festival 2005. Surabaya

Bucket Flowers
Photo by: Agus Bebeng in Bandung Performance Internatioanal festival 2004.Bandung

A Trial Performance (Fake Beauty)
photo by :Heru hikayat, Art Festival UNPAR 2003. Bandung

CLEANING UP! (Lubaran)
photo by: thresure hill staff. Lebaran Event 2002. Taipei. TW

we need to clean body and soul, neighbourhood and environment, even its only once a day,once month, once a year, once for a life.
We live with the environment not in the environment

Ikebana In Tokyo ( Fake Beauty )
photo by Ji Sheng Li 2002, Nippon Performance Art Festival [NIPAF `02], Japan

I`ve shame when I saw Indonesia was on the ad of third listed of `poor` country in Japan TV.
my opinion is, the Indonesian government `sale` in the name of `crisis` to get support from everywhere, and never goes to people.

I feel shame,
My Indonesia land could be Riches country in the world, with everythings we have, land, oil, earth, sand, stone, food, gold, silver, wood, herb, and people ... all is talking about money and we should have enough.
because we are too corrupt, we always feel hungry, we are too love to eat everythings as much as we get. and we dont care !

the undertsanding of beauty has many option, art is beauty and beauty always good looking and charming , is it?

Untitled (colaboration work with Mr.Suprapto Suryodarmo, Tisna Sanjaya and Bandung Artist)
Photo by Daming Agus. Rumah Nusantara 2002. Bandung

PRIMARY BLACK ( Primary Color Performance)
photo by: Daming Agus. Bafnav 2002. venue: Bandung city

The X Generation
photo by: Daming Agus. Indonesia - Japan Exchange 2001. Barrack Gallery. Bandung

Are we the next or the X generation ?

photoby Hilton staff. the exhibition 2000. venue: Hilton international hotel Jakarta

what is the money ?
there`s sentence, we use head as feet for money, and we use feet as head. to get money everythings is allow, and we collect money from everywhere and human controlled by money . when we are die, will we take the money with us?

Today life [ three days solo performance]
photo by: Daming Agus.Untitled (Three Days Solo Performance) 2000. venue: barrack Gallery. Bandung

Now our condition like this [?]

Thursday, August 03, 2006



Linkart / B+PAC / Taman Budaya
Jl. Dago selatan No 53.A. post code 50435
phone: 62. 022. 2014380

{updated on July 2006}

Yoyoyogasmana performance art concept

Beginning from witnessing a sorrowful situation and condition in the country, competition of interests among one individual with another, among one community group and another, group with government, among political elites, and even among the countries. This competition does not lead to a solution but it creates complicated upside down situation in all lines of human life. This kind of sorrow is called emergency for community life.
The country is absolutely in crisis, I would like to see this as catastrophic emergency that devastates societal life. The country which is this critical
situation is close to crimes everywhere which are very close to our reality of life. This is really a menacing fact to face by the societal members. In creating work of arts, I do not refer to situation of a certain country, I prefer to say that this kind of crisis might happen in any country in the world
besides I would also put some emphasis to human figures who runs all life activities that lead to such kind condition. The person who is full of egoism to become the best one by way of exploiting other people who puts some individual business above societal business. This might happen to us, to me, to you, to our family, our neighbours, our environment, to us all, possibly without our awareness involved within.

People seem to be always interested to view the bad sides of other people and they are not interested in their positive sides instead. It is also my firm
belief that people have got ability to cheat, exploit and even hurt other people. On the other hand, people have got conscience that lead them to goodness. Conscience categorizes our behaviour of hurting and exploiting others as bad inappropriate behaviour, as evil one. This kind of bargaining between these two sides (good and bad poles) has been a basic of people
relationship. History has pointed out that there have been many momentums that people proved to be releasing their evil side, their dark side. It is war. War is organization of human capacity to hurt and destroy
others. These fact implies that collectively people can create evil deeds and actually, at the same time, they can also create the opposite.

Performance Art as a Choice
Performance art as a work of art has opened some possibilities of actor’s involvement directly without any conventional media. This possibility is of course related to direct presentation format (on the spot presentation). Consequently, all humanitarian elements such as identity, feeling and emotions, and environment of togetherness can be created at that very occasion. In observing or appreciating works of conventional (fine) art, the visitors (or on-lookers or guests) are not absolutely alone as individual, they are formulated by historical agreement. In the presentation of performance art, the on-lookers can become the participants by way of involving themselves into real situation at the given moment. At that moment historical agreement can be delayed and at the same time the participants’ cultural background can be involved further. The arena or place of performance can become a form of inter human relation. In this performance arena all of guests, visitors are involved within the relationship:
as on-lookers or those who are watched by, or a mixture of becoming on-lookers and the watched ones at the same time. This is also a kind of agreement. A single performance idea that can create involvement of the on-lookers, which are exhibited a couple of times in different places and in front of different on-lookers can possibly examine what kind of “agreement” to emerge in each performances. And then this kind of heterogeneity can, in turn, become very interesting topic of discussion concerning cultural background and influences of situational atmosphere which happen during each performance.