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{updated on July 2006}

Yoyoyogasmana performance art concept

Beginning from witnessing a sorrowful situation and condition in the country, competition of interests among one individual with another, among one community group and another, group with government, among political elites, and even among the countries. This competition does not lead to a solution but it creates complicated upside down situation in all lines of human life. This kind of sorrow is called emergency for community life.
The country is absolutely in crisis, I would like to see this as catastrophic emergency that devastates societal life. The country which is this critical
situation is close to crimes everywhere which are very close to our reality of life. This is really a menacing fact to face by the societal members. In creating work of arts, I do not refer to situation of a certain country, I prefer to say that this kind of crisis might happen in any country in the world
besides I would also put some emphasis to human figures who runs all life activities that lead to such kind condition. The person who is full of egoism to become the best one by way of exploiting other people who puts some individual business above societal business. This might happen to us, to me, to you, to our family, our neighbours, our environment, to us all, possibly without our awareness involved within.

People seem to be always interested to view the bad sides of other people and they are not interested in their positive sides instead. It is also my firm
belief that people have got ability to cheat, exploit and even hurt other people. On the other hand, people have got conscience that lead them to goodness. Conscience categorizes our behaviour of hurting and exploiting others as bad inappropriate behaviour, as evil one. This kind of bargaining between these two sides (good and bad poles) has been a basic of people
relationship. History has pointed out that there have been many momentums that people proved to be releasing their evil side, their dark side. It is war. War is organization of human capacity to hurt and destroy
others. These fact implies that collectively people can create evil deeds and actually, at the same time, they can also create the opposite.

Performance Art as a Choice
Performance art as a work of art has opened some possibilities of actor’s involvement directly without any conventional media. This possibility is of course related to direct presentation format (on the spot presentation). Consequently, all humanitarian elements such as identity, feeling and emotions, and environment of togetherness can be created at that very occasion. In observing or appreciating works of conventional (fine) art, the visitors (or on-lookers or guests) are not absolutely alone as individual, they are formulated by historical agreement. In the presentation of performance art, the on-lookers can become the participants by way of involving themselves into real situation at the given moment. At that moment historical agreement can be delayed and at the same time the participants’ cultural background can be involved further. The arena or place of performance can become a form of inter human relation. In this performance arena all of guests, visitors are involved within the relationship:
as on-lookers or those who are watched by, or a mixture of becoming on-lookers and the watched ones at the same time. This is also a kind of agreement. A single performance idea that can create involvement of the on-lookers, which are exhibited a couple of times in different places and in front of different on-lookers can possibly examine what kind of “agreement” to emerge in each performances. And then this kind of heterogeneity can, in turn, become very interesting topic of discussion concerning cultural background and influences of situational atmosphere which happen during each performance.

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Emilia Javanica said...

nice work Yoyo, konsepmu tetap bagus sekali, dan sangat menginspirasikan!! ayo, mari bikin performance art!